The Bondeko Foundation

"meeting Congo"

The Bondeko Foundation feels sympathetic towards Congo and especially the people of the Mombesa. The years of war have left deep wounds. The soldiers and rebels have left, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The people have lost their courage; the quality of health care has dropped below an acceptable level and the infrastructure has disappeared. In the eastern, inland part of Congo, André Babusia and his people are rebuilding the area.

Bondeko is the translation of the word “solidarity” in Lingala (the main Congolese language).

Meeting means “feeling no force, actually allowing somebody voluntarily”. Meeting also means experiencing. It is our desire to bring about a meeting between life and the people in Congo and our life in the Netherlands. ‘Worlds of difference’, but also two worlds with many similarities.

Bondeko aims at obtaining and making use of means such as money, goods and know-how for the benefit of the social development (communities, individuals) in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the field of welfare, education and healthcare.