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Apotheken nieuws

18 August 2016

Bondeko gaat vier apotheken starten in de dorpen Kumu, Sombo, Mission Barisi en Liguga. In deze dorpen is ook een Centre de Santé. Dat is een medische post die door een verpleegkundige betaald door de overheid, wordt gerund. 

De vier vrouwen die we op onze reis hadden ontmoet en de apotheken gaan runnen, moesten vooraf examen doen bij de inspectie voor volksgezondheid. Onderstaand het laatste nieuws van André Babusia: 

'Guyguy of Kumu and the nurse of Liguga have succed to the test of inspectors.
Marie of M.Barisi and Anuarie of Sombo failed. Their level is to low and the Provincial Minister of Health can not allow them to manage a pharmacy.

And I have been asked to find someone who has a High school level diploma in  one of Health Sciences to  be the referency  agent who can dial with Health Inspectors and can prevent medecines for eventual epidemies.
I am to happy that I have found a indicated person who have a licence (5 years of University in Nursing sciences). Quite a gift of Heaven. And he is in work, and has joined the goal of Bondeko project.

The nurse of Liguga is back in Liguga and Guyguy of Kumu is following a training of 6 weeks in Buta Provincial Department of  pharmacies. For Sombo and Barisi, Anuarte and Marie will assist their local medical centers, being the representatives of Bondeko Pharmacy. It is their way of training. It will take time but they will be formed.
Melchior continues to be kind with the project and is now building the Pharmacy of Kumu.'

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