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Onrust in Congo

18 February 2017

Het was onrustig in Congo de afgelopen maanden. De verkiezingen die gehouden zouden worden, werden uitgesteld tot 2017. Het is onduidelijk of president Kabila deze afspraak met de oppositieleiders nakomt. Vanaf oktober 2016 waren er onlusten, ook in Kisangani. Internetverkeer was vaak niet mogelijk omdat de Congolese overheid het internet blokkeerde.  
“To many spies, to many political suspicions, and to many night killings in Kisangani. A strange feeling in the air. To many criminalities and the spread of people justice. In many parts of Kisangani, young people are organized to face and fight night criminality; with, naturally, the impossibility of putting limits in such popular reactions: every day, more than two dead are found on the avenues. But the majority of them are soldiers. They are stealing with armed hand, and many civilians are killed when trying to protect their goods.”

In oktober 2016 heeft André 11 dagen onder de blote hemel doorgebracht om zijn landgoed, zijn eigendom te beschermen tegen een groep soldaten. Het liep goed af. 
Op 9 januari 2017 kregen we via sms de volgende update van André.
“The second half of December have been a fear and anxiety for rural people. Many people were hidden in the deep forest. ...
I paid state taxes for 2017. To expensive for the capacity of our pharmacies. The new Health Provincial Minister of Bas-Uélé is interested to pharmacies project. He is a born of the village before Liguga. He asks me to produce statues for the villages where are pharmacies as Communitarians Health Associations of villagers so that he could start in our favour a process of taxes exemption.

In Bobanabendea, Felix is in good shape. All the family have been in forest for 2 weeks by fear of armed conflicts. Many soldiers on the road from Buta to Isiro. There is a problem with Mbororo nomad people from South Chad and  Central African Republic with big number of cows damaging fields of local villagers. I will be again at Buta in the middle of February to give the needed statues to the minister office.

From Mombesa I am waiting Marceline [hoofdonderwijzeres Kindergarten] who are waiting a occasion to sail to Kisangani. She could not move. The situation was insecure all the December 2016. Now, slowly the situation is becoming a bit quiet.”  

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